Always Unique Hand Dyed Fabric   by Tammy Salzman

About Me and Always Unique Hand Dyed Fabric

I began quilting in 1999 after boycotting sewing for most of my life.  Not too long after beginning, I saw hand dyed fabrics at a quilt show in Reno .  The asking price was very high, so I decided to learn how to dye fabric and keep the price low enough for folks to make entire quilts from my hand dyed fabric.  I have dyed nearly 12000 yards of fabric since 2000.  It is a learning process that continues today.  Not all dye jobs are predictable, but I continue to experiment and end up with some great accidents.

I am an electrical engineer by day, fabric engineer by night.  Dyeing the fabric has a chemistry aspect along with the artistic aspect.   Pressing the fabric after all the dyeing is done is a real bummer, but I look for aliens or bugs in the random patterns to keep myself entertained while pressing.  To keep my basic math and geometry active, I have designed a few quilt patterns.

I have a really understanding husband.  Poor Mike is pretty much relegated to a small area in the family room and my fabric and everything that goes along with the fun of quilting has taken over the remainder of the house.

The first batches of dyed fabric was sold out of the trunk of my car.  I got worried that the frenzy of ladies would trigger the police to come check out what we were doing in the parking lot, so a local guild vendor chair talked me into setting up a booth at the quilt show that year.  I still sell fabric from the back of the car once in a while, but mostly can be found at quilt shows in the SanFrancisco Bay Area.  I depend on Mike and good friends to help me cart the fabric into shows and help me in my booth.